Fred Mark Dry, ESQ.

Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney

I have a real passion for racing. What’s interesting to me is that the mental skills for success on the track — precision, anticipation and quick response — are the same tools necessary for a successful legal defense. Put me in the saddle and you’ll see I have what it takes to position your case for optimal results.


“All men are created equal” — the law should be blind.

Meticulous preparation.

Sometimes, simply recognizing a minor technical flaw at the outset can result in mitigated charges or even complete dismissal. With my eye for detail, I may be able to find a technicality that can put an end to the case — in your favor, of course — before it even begins.

Aggressive determination.

Cases like yours can be emotionally taxing. Criminal defense clients need someone who can fight fiercely for them. They need someone who can commit to seeing them all the way through. Come hell or high water, I’ll stand by your side with persistence when the going gets tough.

Honed judgment.

Truth be told, this is your case and the ball is in your court. However, when decisions seem too tough to call, I have the skills necessary to point you in the right direction and help you make the choice that is most likely to play out well for your case.

Decades of experience.

I have practiced criminal defense for more than 40 years. My expertise is valued in the community, including among other attorneys. From endorsements among my peers to recommendations from past clients, my reputation proves that I’m the guy you want fighting for you.


I know criminal defense inside and out — so much so, in fact, that you may find yourself surprised by the strategies I can come up with. The secret is in the details. Paying attention to all the facts makes all the difference. Sometimes, the very information that you may look over or think is irrelevant is the same information that holds the key to closing your case. Between my intuitive approach and decades of experience, it goes without saying that you can trust my expertise.

Focus Areas

Comprehensive criminal defense

Gun Offenses

If you’ve been accused of criminal possession, use, or sale of a firearm, you need the representation of an aggressive attorney like me.

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Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are considered some of the serious offenses. I can help with rape, sexual abuse or assault, prostitution, child pornography, and other charges.

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Theft Charges

When you’re being blamed for burglary, larceny, robbery, or theft, allow me to put my knowledge to good use for you.

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Drug Crimes

Being arrested for a drug offense can bring on heavy consequences. I can defend you if you were charged with possession, trafficking, or manufacturing drugs.

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DUI Defense

When you’re facing losing your license, incarceration, or paying fines for a DUI, let me fight for you.

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Domestic Battery

Abuse and domestic violence can ruin your reputation and even lead to losing custody of your children. I can defend your name and your honor.

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DUI Penalties

The consequences for a DUI vary depending on how many times you’ve been charged before. Even if you’re a first offender or underage, I have answers.

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Felony DUI

Felony DUI charges carry much heavier penalties than misdemeanors. If a felony DUI is what you’re up against, give me a call right away.

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According to Chicago lawyer Fred Mark Dry, Illinois crimes are broken down into two major groups – felonies and misdemeanors. A crime punishable with incarceration for less than one year is a misdemeanor while all other crimes are considered felonies.

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Trust me, I get it. By now, you’ve probably researched several attorneys in hopes of finding one that’s good for you — and that goes far beyond skills and expertise. While an attorney’s education and experience are definitely of the utmost importance, the truth of the matter is that it’s just the beginning. What an attorney knows and how he or she utilizes that proficiency is the foundation of what makes his or her firm the right fit for you.

You need an attorney who truly hears you, can be an emotional support, and genuinely cares about your well-being.

After all, taking on your case isn’t solely about getting a win. It’s about taking the right steps to protect your future.

You may have been put through the ringer before, but with Fred Mark Dry Attorney & Counselor at Law, you can finally take that sigh of relief. I won’t confuse you with conflicting information. Instead, you’ll always receive honest, upfront information and a guiding approach to lead you down a path towards success.

At the core of my practice, I believe that all people are created equal. No matter how you’ve been treated by law enforcement or the government, let me make it very clear that I’ve got your back.