Working Relationships Between Client and Attorney

Criminal Defense in Cook County, Illinois

As a professionally accomplished and talented Cook County criminal defense and DUI attorney, Fred Mark Dry has secured reductions and dismissals in high-profile cases involving serious misdemeanor and felony charges in the state of Illinois. Attorney Dry personally oversees the entire defense of each and every one of the cases that he accepts.

What to Do After an Arrest

After an arrest, you are probably a bit confused, angry, and maybe even a little scared. Being arrested, fingerprinted and photographed, and even thrown in a jail can be traumatizing event of your life. You have questions and concerns, not the least of which is finding an attorney. It is important not to make rash decisions. Now is the time to enlist capable representation from an experienced Cook County criminal defense attorney.

Fred Mark Dry has more than 35 years of experience as a practicing attorney focusing on criminal defense and DUI cases. His experience enables him to assess your case quickly and respond appropriately. Involving Mr. Dry early in the process can give you a strategic advantage as he can ensure that vital evidence is preserved and correctly documented. Sometimes, simply recognizing a minor technical flaw at the outset can result in mitigated charges or even complete dismissal. What can you expect during your first meeting with Chicago Attorney Fred Dry?

  • Call to arrange an initial legal consultation. Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Fred Dry will answer your questions evaluate the facts of your case, ask questions and review your options.
  • Once Attorney Dry has all of the details and a clear understanding about what occurred, he will give you a knowledgeable and professional opinion. You’ll understand, in plain English, what your case outcome may be, as well as potential problems to consider.
  • Fred Dry will review with you your legal rights and obligations. He’ll walk through what paperwork needs to be filed and what reports need to be compiled. At this point, he will also explain to you the entire legal process, so you’ll know exactly what is happening and what your next steps will be.
  • Once you feel comfortable and more at ease with your situation, Fred Dry will discuss his legal services. Should you choose to hire him, he’ll review the terms of your relationship, costs, and billing procedures.

What should you look for when hiring an attorney?

If you have been arrested or are under investigation, then you may face charges that could have far-reaching consequences. The process of hiring an attorney is not something to take lightly. The actions your attorney takes will have a large impact on your future. Their knowledge, experience and aggressiveness in the courtroom can make the difference in the outcome of your case. While reviewing attorneys, be sure to ask about their qualifications and experience with similar cases and what they will do for the quoted fee. The last thing you want is to face legal surprises, thousands of dollars in fines, or even jail time simply because you hired an attorney lacking experience.

If you are judging the quality of your legal representation based upon price alone, then you may not be satisfied with your defense. Think about the amount of time you and your attorney will have invested to ensure that your case is represented properly. Treat the process of hiring an attorney with appropriate care and an eye toward achieving the most successful outcome possible. As a Cook County criminal defense lawyer with more than 35 years of experience, Fred Mark Dry knows what it takes to challenge Illinois laws and prosecution efforts to secure successful outcomes. To learn more, contact the firm today and schedule case evaluation now.

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