I’ve Been Arrested, Now What?

Being arrested means that you are taken into custody and not free to go. You can also be legally detained for a short period of time for questioning if you are suspected of being involved in a crime.

You might be arrested or taken into custody if charges have already been filed against you in Illinois or Chicago, if you have been identified as being involved in some criminal activity, or have outstanding warrants due to failing to appear in court.

It is important to know and exercise your rights! It’s imperative you enlist the help of a Chicago criminal defense lawyer or Chicago criminal lawyer. What happens at this stage can effect the outcome of your case.

Call a Chicago Criminal Lawyer

Contact a Chicago criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Criminal defense attorneys ensure that an accused person’s Constitutional rights are respected and that they are treated fairly throughout the entire proceeding.

Inform your Chicago criminal lawyer about what has happened. They will let you know what is in your best interest to say to anyone who asks questions regarding your case. Your Chicago criminal defense lawyer may briefly inform you of your legal rights after you have been arrested. Longer and detailed conversations will need to wait until you meet in person.

Illinois Convictions and Poorly Handled Cases

Convictions and poorly handled criminal cases can impact your life, family and job immediately following your arrrest, and even many years later; which is why you should contact an experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyer immediately. If you are arrested or detained you do not have to answer questions except to give your name and address and show identification if asked. If you do answer questions you must tell the truth as knowingly giving false information to a police officer is a crime.

Many people who have been arrested will be asked to consent to the search of their cars or houses. The police are looking for evidence of a crime that can be used in an Illinois court to convict the person. Consenting to a search or making any statement to the police may negate your rights to challenge that evidence in court — even with the help of a skilled Chicago criminal lawyer.

Don’t Delay!

The worst thing you can do is delay calling a Chicago criminal lawyer or Chicago criminal defense lawyer, and simply do nothing. Your attorney will thoroughly investigate your case and interview witnesses who may help you. Delays can cause lost facts, evidence and witness reports.

It is critical that an experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyer get involved as early as possible. Uncollected evidence and witness statements that could help your defense may be difficult, or impossible, to recover at a later date.

Before You Make a Statement

Experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyers can advise you of all your rights and what documentation or statements you have to provide to law enforcement authorities.

Ask your attorney to review your case before you make any statements and have them present during conversations with law enforcement. Any statements you make can be used against you at a later date, and you may not be aware you are making incriminating statements.

The assistance of an experienced Chicago criminal defense lawyer or Chicago criminal lawyer is essential to protecting all of your rights and making sure your case is fairly handled throughout all law enforcement and legal proceedings.

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