Illinois DUI Sentencing Alternatives

Chicago DUI Attorney and DUI Sentencing Alternatives

Chicago DUI attorney Fred Dry answers your question, “What alternatives are there to jail or prison for someone who has an Illinois DUI conviction?”

Punishments will vary from state to state, even county to county, that’s why it’s important you get the help of a competent Illinois DUI lawyer.

What to Do If Charged With a DUI in Cook County

If you are charged with Chicago drunk driving and convicted of an Illinois DUI, DWI, or related Chicago drunk driving offense – DUI sentencing will depend upon if this is your 1st offense. First-time offender penalties typically include non-conviction for good behavior, a financial fine, possible community service, an Illinois driver’s license restriction, and possible alcohol-drug education programs. Consult your Illinois DUI lawyer for more help.

For 2nd or 3rd time Chicago drunk driving offenders, jail time can be imposed as well as other alternatives such as a longer alcohol and drug education program, attendance at AA meetings, possible installation of ignition interlock devices, and impounding of the individual’s car. Talk to your Chicago drunk driving attorney for other DUI sentencing alternatives.

Plea Bargaining

Negotiating a plea bargain for the right sentencing alternatives requires thorough investigation and preparation by your Chicago drunk driving attorney.

Other DUI Sentencing Alternatives

Alternatives to jail or prison for Chicago drunk driving can include sober living environments or drug and alcohol rehabilitations, house arrest, work release, community service or roadside labor. Speak with your Chicago drunk driving attorney for other options.

Contact a Chicago DUI Attorney to Protect Your Rights and Your Future

Chicago drunk driving Attorney Fred Dry will defend your rights aggressively, and consult with you regarding what is the best solution for you.

Remember. Illinois DUI cases are not open and shut. They are not always what they appear. Pleasecontact Illinois DUI lawyer Fred Mark Dry for further details about Chicago drunk driving.

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