Hiring A Chicago Area Attorney

Choosing a Chicago attorney who primarily deals with the area of law you need assistance with is critical to the outcome of your case. Obtain referrals, contact the local bar association and find out information about the attorney. Do not hire a Chicago attorney without checking their background. If possible, speak with someone who has worked with that attorney.

Your Chicago Attorney Needs

There are different types of lawyers for different types of cases. When looking for a Chicago attorney, find one that practices in the type of legal matters you need help with — Chicago drunk driving, Illinois criminal law, Illinois and white collar crimes, sex crimes, or other areas of practice. Inquire about how much of their practice is in that particular field. If it is a small minority, then you may want to keep reviewing other Chicago attorneys.

Meet with potential Chicago attorneys in person. This is an important relationship you will be establishing. Find out who in the Illinois law firm will be working on your case. Attorneys often assign tasks to junior attorneys or paralegals on their team, so make sure you are aware who will be working on your case and you are comfortable his or her level of experience.

Review Experience

Your Chicago attorney should have significant experience in the type of legal matters you need help with. Ask about their years of experience in the field, their previous employment and confirm that they are bar certified to practice law in Illinois.

Find out if the Chicago attorney is familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the county where your case will be handled. An established level of familiarity in Cook County, DuPage County, McHenry County, Will County, Grundy County, Lake County and other Illinois counties can be useful in handling logistical items and other matters related to your case.

Review Previous Cases

Hire a Chicago attorney who has the necessary experience to handle your case. Inquire about how many cases like yours they have handled recently. An attorney who practices this area of law often will be aware of relevant legal developments.

An experienced Chicago attorney should be able to provide you with a strategy they will use and the likely scenarios that may occur if they are hired. Keep in mind that lawyers can not guarantee a result.

What Approach Should You Expect?

Look for a Chicago attorney who is aggressive, methodical and practical. There is a difference between an attorney who is sympathetic to your situation and a Chicago attorney who can win your case. The right Chicago attorney should be supportive with relevant experience. Remember, convictions can change your life.

Contact Information