The Difficult Aspects Of Handling A Sex Crimes Case In Illinois

Interviewer: What would you say is the most difficult aspect that you have to deal with as an attorney when it comes to sex crimes?

Fred Dry: I think the willingness of judges and juries to believe the person who’s complaining over the person who’s defending.  A defense case has to be much stronger than a prosecution case to win in a sex case because people are inclined to believe people who claim to have been sexually violated. It’s not the problem of persuasion. That’s another thing – a person who’s looking for a criminal defense lawyer has to think about and has to think about whether or not they believe that a lawyer they’re about to hire is capable of persuading a judge or a jury in their favor, and that’s where experience comes in, skill, knowledge, understanding of the law.

Certain Sex Crimes Trials are Appropriate for a Jury and Certain are Appropriate for a Judge

Interviewer: Do you think juries kind of have like a bias?

Fred Dry: I think that there’s a proper case for a jury and there’s a proper case for a judge and I don’t think that’s necessarily an all or nothing rule for sex cases, I think there are appropriate sex cases for a jury and there’s appropriate sex cases for a judge. Ultimately, that becomes the decision of the client.  Obviously, we talk to our clients about that but they make the decision.

Timeframe of Resolution for a Prostitution Case in Illinois

Interviewer: With the typical prostitution type cases, how long does that case going to last, I mean typically?

Fred Dry: If we’re talking about the type of case that arises on the street, it’s not like a conspiracy case where they’re rounding up a whole group of people for some kind of a prostitution conspiracy ring.  We’re talking about the typical street solicitation case; it’s going to be one maybe two trips to court.

Solicitation of a Prostitute is a Class A Misdemeanor resulting in Penalties Ranging from a day to 364 days in the County Jail

Interviewer: What’s going to happen to the person who’s solicited a prostitute, the customer, so to speak, if it’s not that person’s first offense?

Fred Dry: They’re risking conviction of a misdemeanor, solicitation of a prostitute.  As a class A misdemeanor, a person can receive anything from a day to 364 days in the county jail or a fine up to $2,500 or any combination of the two, or they could receive probation or conditional discharge. But it does become a criminal conviction of a misdemeanor. However, a first offender can seek Supervision.

It is Imperative to Retain an Experienced and Skillful Lawyer to Defend Against Sex Crime Charges

Interviewer: Is there anything else in relation to sex crimes, before we go, that you want to go ahead and touch on or bring up?

Fred Dry: I think sex crimes are, like all crimes where, whether or not there’s any element of truth to the allegation, it’s a case for a lawyer with experience and skill.  These are not simple cases simply because of the fact that it’s hard to persuade people that this kind of behavior is not so.  People want to believe victims in sex crimes. And it’s understandable, it’s human nature and that’s why, the more skillful the lawyer, the better defense you’re going to get.  And so, the thing to do becomes finding the best lawyer you can hire not just a lawyer who gives you the lowest fee – but find a lawyer who you think has the skill and the judgment and the dedication and then stick with them; hire them, stick with them, work with them.

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