Chicago DUI Driver’s License Restoration

How a Cook County DUI Attorney Can Help You Keep Your Driving Privileges

Being arrested for driving under the influence or refusing to take a breath or blood test after a traffic stop could land you in some serious hot water. Even if you are sober, refusing the tests or blowing a 0.08% or higher can cause you to temporarily lose your driving privileges. Depending on your situation, you may be facing anywhere from 6 months of license suspension to up to 3 years of license suspension.

It is important, regardless of the reasons your license was taken away, that you act quickly to retain the legal counsel of a trusted Cook County DUI lawyer such as Fred Mark Dry. As Chicago’s leading attorney, Fred Mark Dry has worked successful license restoration cases with thousands of clients. Contact now and get back on the road.

How a DUI Attorney Can Aid License Restoration

License suspension can be highly frustrating; not only are you going to be completely reliant on other people or public transportation, but you may also be faced with community service and traffic courses as well. When you work with Fred Mark Dry, you will be working with an attorney who always has your best interests in mind. Mr. Dry can investigate all of the evidence that led up to your arrest and help determine the best course of legal action to take.

After you license is suspended, you will have a limited time to request a court hearing as there is no DMV hearing. At this hearing, you will have the chance to contest the suspension of your license and may be able to restore your driving privileges, especially if you are represented by an experienced attorney.

Retain Legal Counsel Before Your DMV Hearing

When you work with an attorney such as Fred Mark Dry, you will be able to retain aggressive and trusted legal counsel for your DMV hearing. A DMV hearing is completely separate from a criminal hearing, but it is still treated as an important step in the criminal process. If you were charged with DUI, then evidence that your license has been suspended can be used against you at your criminal hearing.

It is important to note, however, that it is not only DUI charges that could result in license suspension; too many consecutive traffic offenses during the course of 12 months may cause you to have to relinquish your license as well.

If you need license restoration, then do not hesitate to retain the legal counsel of Fred Mark Dry today.

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